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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

At the sight of Gligar, I trembled in delight. The Flyscorpion Pokemon was playing in a burnt tree when I spotted it first. It swooped down and began circling around me.

“Lance be careful, it seems like it wants to battle someone. Are you up for it?”

I nodded in agreement then quickly reached for my Ursaring's Pokeball.

"Come on out Ugh-Muffin! It's time for the last battle, so I hope your ready because it's gonna be a tough one," I called to my honey sucking giant which nodded and threw up its fists. "Let's start this off with a Fury Swipes attack. While you're swiping, begin charging your Ice Punch and on the final hit, punch it with you fist of freeze!"

Ursaring nodded and then thumped into the trail of Gligar's circle pattern, waiting for the Flying-Ground type to make it's round once again.
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