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Default Re: IDEA: Pokemon Ordo Journeys

Cameron has now been introduced! Give me feedback about the goof ball. He has only been there for two posts, but prepare for some witty humor!

Also, I will announce that the story will be more engaged as school (German School) comes to a close. I will post several possible new theme songs for later chapters (VOTE FOR ONE!)

Possible themes for Chapter 2: ("Let's Get it Started" by: Black Eyed Peas) ("Remoladen" by: Renegade3024) ("Kalimba" by: Mr. Scruff) ("Extreme Ways" by: Moby) ("Da Funk Casino Inc. Remix" by: Daft Punk)

Current Theme Song: ("Cynthia Battle Remix x2" by: Pokeremixstudio)
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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