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Default Re: Oh No! My Log is on Fire!

Celadon Gym Battle
3 vs 3
No Helds
No Terrain
Sunny Weather
All Clauses

Challenger Zombie Muse (Abomasnow, Infernape, Arcanine)
Leader Ragnorok (Exeggutor, Sceptile, Venusaur)

Abomasnow almost took out Exeggutor, but it exploded, KOing them both. Arcanine called in a Sunny Day against Sceptile, who used EQ to get it to a small bit of health. Arcanine's Flare Blitz caused another double KO. For the final battle, Infernape used the weather to its advantage for a Flamethrower KO after Fake Out against Venusaur.

Zombie: $2,000 + Badge
Ragna: $1,000
I get $2,000

Salary: $6,500
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