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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix snapped his fingers as he saw Thunder Wave miss. He knew that speed was going to be a problem. Suddenly, Yanmega let out a horrible sound. Felix couldn't help but cover his ears and twitch a bit as the sound really hurt. He looked at Esteban and noticed that the sound was hurting him even more. With a torture like that, an immediate psychic move was probably a bad idea.

Soon after, he noticed as Yanmega was preparing a Shadow Ball. At that moment, Felix thought to himself, "A Shadow Ball?...Shadow..."

As Yanmega launched the Shadow Ball, Felix shouted, "Esteban, dodge it with Shadow Sneak!"

The Gallade nodded at the command and quickly began to sink into his own shadow to avoid the attack.

Felix hoped that it was going to work and said, "Alright, follow the forest's shadows up the trees and jump at Yanmega with Aerial Ace."

Had Esteban managed to pull off the Shadow Sneak, Felix hoped to see his friend's shadow sneak up a tree and catch Yanmega off guard.

OOC: Female please

EDIT: Actually, this has been going for too long and I already have 3 Pokemon anyways, so, I'll be taking my Serious Male Lickitung, Rash Male Pinsir, and Lax Male Spinda and be on my way. Thanks to everyone who contributed! ^^

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