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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!



Golem roars skyward for for .4 seconds of lag as he stalls in midair briefly, then a massive amount of rocks fall from the sky double Bowser’s width. They fall as such so that they cover up an entire vertical portion of the screen for 1 second, vanishing upon hitting the ground. The rocks deal 1% and flinching every 0.1 seconds. If Golem presses up on the control stick while overlapping with the rocks, he can climb then like a ladder, although he’s also able to move left and right instead of just up and down to maneuver away from foes if necessary. Unfortunately Golem doesn’t gain much vertical height due to having climb faster then the rocks fall – if you get on the rocks at the soonest possible moment and climb them the entire time, you’ll climb up 1.35X Ganondorf’s height. Still, considering the fact this doesn’t put Golem into helpless and the fact it’s entirely ungimpable make it a welcome addition to his recovery.

Golem can also use this attack as a sort of wall that foes must DI through to get to him, taking plenty of damage in the process. They can still wait it out, of course, but considering Golem’s projectiles and other moves are unaffected by the mass falling rocks and they out-prioritze enemy projectiles, there’s not much else they can do.


Golem kicks forward with his feet hastily over .28 seconds, though with Golem’s usual poor melee range. The kick deals 10% to any foe it comes into contact with a Battlefield platform’s worth of set knockback, the move also propelling Golem backwards the same distance. As if he wasn’t impossible enough to gimp, going out to Golem actually HELPS his recovery! This is a good attack for ending aerial combat due to it separating Golem and the foe and it being rather quick. The move can also be angled at a diagonal downward angle so Golem isn’t helpless to being juggled.

Golem’s body is a high priority hitbox as he gets propelled backwards that deals 13% and knockback that kills at 160%, though that’s rather irrelevant outside FFAs, right? Wrong. Golem can Mega Kick off of walls, namely the ones underground, helping to make him a deadlier combatant there.


Golem turns around as he does a headbutt, his head turning a darker gray color and shining briefly with a mere .2 seconds of starting lag. This deals a rather “meh” 7% and knockback that kills at 200%, though the fact the move’s so fast makes it Golem’s best option for participating in genuine aerial combat, yes? Well, it would, if not for the half a second of ending lag. . .But during this ending lag, Golem’s head has superarmor/anti-grab armor, and the size of his small head is exaggerated for the move much like Bowser’s fist in his ftilt. Another option for safely getting out of aerial combat. While not as good, this one doesn’t require you to actually hit with it.


Golem reaches up into the air, his arms short ranged low priority weak hitboxes that deal 6%. At least you can use it for juggling due to its’ speed, right? Eheh heh. . .

You might notice that the move has a grab-like animation, but the thing is Golem isn’t reaching out to grab the foe for a generic suicide KO – he’s attempting to grab a ceiling. If you grab a ceiling, Golem will hold onto with both arms and you’ll be able to climb along the ceiling back and forth at his usual movement speed. The relevant application of this is if you have a large portion of ground you’ve dug underground, so you can stay at the top of the hole away from foes while they struggle to get out. While clinging to the ceiling, you have a good few button inputs. . .
  • Horizontal Movement via control stick
  • Explosion via neutral B
  • Canceling the move into Dig via Side B if you reach ground on either side of yourself
  • Climbing up through the ground to the surface via Up B without making an opening
  • Using the grounded version of Rock Slide via down B. There’s a bit more of a gap between when each rock falls, but you can move during it and they’ll always fall under your current location, allowing you to camp
  • Releasing your hold on the ceiling via A/Shield

While one might wonder how Golem gets to the ceiling if he makes an underground pit deep enough that the foe is having trouble getting out of, that’s no problem for Golem due to him having a wall climb. Unlike those fancy wall runs of those various Junahu/Mendez sets, Golem can wall climb forever. Foes can also wall climb on Golem’s walls to prevent Golem from making a pit so deep that it’s inescapable, though they climb very slowly, much slower then Golem.


A fairly elementary stall then fall, dealing Ganon dair esque knockback/damage but killing Golem in the process. Unusable off-stage. On-stage, it’s still pretty useless due to the awkward lag.

If Golem lands on ground that’s been dug in with no more then Kirby’s width in solid ground separating him from the dug ground, Golem’s legs will crash through the solid ground, getting him stuck. In this position, Golem has permanent superarmor and anti-grab armor, and the only limitations to him are that he can’t move, Rollout with Side B (Though he can still Defense Curl), utilt, or use any attacks that involve his legs. Pretty ridiculous move, but the foe can uproot Golem by going underground and hitting his legs which are dangling about, Golem taking the knockback of the attack. Even here, though, Golem’s not entirely defenseless. Those attacks that involve his legs? If he inputs them he’ll flail his legs around, making them low priority hitboxes that deal 5% and set downward knockback. Inputting utilt causes Golem to uproot himself from the ground early.

When you have such a high percentage that you really don’t mind it going up further and the foe is about to make it up your massive mountain, you can dair to force them to go back down the mountain and into the only opening to go underground to get to your legs! They can whale on you all they want from up-top, you won’t die. One could theoretically just keep popping out before the foe could reach them and then just use the dair before the foe could get to them, but if Golem uses this in the same area twice (Or anywhere within a Battlefield platform of it) within 30 seconds he’ll crash through the ground the second time, destroying it as if he dug through it and falling to the bottom of the pit with 2 seconds of hitstun.



If by standard you mean standard fare for a non-grab oriented heavyweight. Golem’s grab is terrible, on par with Ganondorf’s. You’ll have to follow up trips/pitfalls if you expect to grab the foe with this. . .But it’s well worth grabbing with Golem. His throws are BEASTLY.


Golem headbutts the foe for 3% over .35 seconds. Standard pummel fare. Don’t risk going for too many pummels when you’ve got those superb throws.


Golem kicks up some mud onto the enemy, dealing a paltry 4% to them and only knocking them back a Battlefield platform. However; the mud will stay on the foe for 12 seconds, and if they dash during this time they’ll trip, slipping downwards a Battlefield Platform if on a slope. Oh, and if a foe reaches a slope during the initial set knockback of the attack, they’ll slide down the whole freaking way. This attack gets the foe to the bottom of your slope, and forces them to WALK back up to it to get to you at HALF SPEED due to your Sandstorm. Jesus Christ. As if that wasn’t enough, if you hit a foe with Mud Sport (The trap or the initial hitbox) when a foe is Mud Slapped, Mud Slap’s duration resets.


Golem smacks the foe to the ground behind him for 5%, then pulls up a massive boulder from the ground that’s the size of his shell and smacks it behind him. Golem turns around and waves to the foe mockingly, chuckling slightly for .25 seconds of ending lag. The boulder runs the foe over and they essentially get “grabbed” by it, stuck to it as they roll as far as Golem would go if he used Rollout, only going a Battlefield Platform if the terrain isn’t sloped.

If you haven’t used your ledge attack more then once, then the foe will roll straight off the edge, making this an alternative to Rollout definitely worth looking into. . .Or at least it would be if the foe couldn’t button mash out if there’s no ground underneath the boulder. Any button mashing the foe did before then still counts too, they just can’t break out until they go off-stage. If the slope is steep enough so that the foe rolls fast enough and/or they have enough damage to make this too hard to escape in time, this can be an alternative KO move.

Even if you aren’t using this as a KO move, the move without a doubt has alternative uses. Make an opening to the underground at the bottom of the slope so that the foe will go underground and ricochet back and forth a bit underground before finally coming to a halt. Considering foes take 4% per second while being rolled around, this can be a nice damage racker and buy you more time to set-up whatever.

On a stage like Hyrule Temple or New Pork City, you can set up ramps via ledge attack in such a way that you can roll the foe across the entire godd
amn stage as they get launched to the next platform. Say on New Pork, you launch the foe from the right off a ramp so that they land on the elevated section on the left, then you have a reverse ramp that sends them back over to the right side, then they roll back down the right side and fall off into the bottom section. The fun never stops!


Golem holds onto the foe tightly as he turns to face the camera, then leaps off the top blast zone with them in a similar manner to Kirby/Meta Knight’s uthrow before crashing down with the foe, crashing down into the ground to make it sink down an absolutely massive amount – quadruple Ganondorf’s height. At this point Golem lets the foe go and they’re launched upwards with 12% and intense vertical knockback. Because of the fact the foe will be so far down when they go up, though, this only KOs at 160%.


Golem jumps on top of the foe, crushing them under his massive girth for 15% and sending them through the ground double Ganondorf’s height, destroying any ground in their way as if Golem was digging, stopping early if they reach the bottom of the platform’s depth (Likely if Golem hasn’t increased the depth via Earth Power). Golem proceeds to top the ground with three large rocks which stay over the foe, then Golem is free to leave as the foe is left in their tomb. The rocks at the top have 50 stamina, meaning it’ll take a good bit longer for the foe to get out then if you trapped them underground normally, giving you plenty of time to set-up further. As if that wasn’t enough, this obviously gets Golem some free ground dug.


Golem lets out a massive roar as the screen zooms in on him, then crashes down to the ground if he’s in the air (PLEASE don’t use this off-stage) or simply does a sumo-stomp if on-stage, causing the platform he’s on to split in half at point he used the final smash. Anybody underground instantly gets KOd as the underground collapses as if Golem exploded there. The stage shortly falls off the bottom blast zone, then rocks will start raining from the sky in mass covering the entire screen, functioning identically to the rocks in his nair. Golem can climb up them just fine with absolutely nowhere to stand on, but any survivng foes will have to rapidly keep jumping/using recoveries while constantly getting hit by mass flinching hits. While Golem is far from a aerial combatant, he can come down to the foe’s level and hit them with a diagonally downward angled fair to make life all the more hellish for them.

The falling rocks last for 10 seconds before the rocks finally clear to reveal the stage now resting on top of a massive amount of rocks (Better then having landed on whatever’s below the blast zones, at least), increasing the depth of the stage by the depth of Yoshi’s Island. A godly final smash indeed.


Golem doesn’t have an instantenous set-up, but his set-up game doesn’t make him fall behind at all like most similar characters. Golem can spam dsmash to increase the depth of the stage and dig around all day, taking damage like the beast he is. It doesn’t matter. You can abuse your utilt to get lots of breathing room to do this relatively undisturbed to get a massive amount of underground space. Once you’ve spammed dsmash enough, you’ll want to dig all the way down on one side of the stage, then slowly leave a bit more solid ground as you work your way over to the other side of the stage where you won’t dig at all. After you’re done digging. If you can manage to get in some grabs during this time, uthrow/dthrow can also assist in this, uthrow getting you more immediate ground while dthrow prevents the foe from bothering you for a while.

Once you’ve dug a sufficient amount, you’re ready to cave in the tunnel to make your slope with Explosion. The ideal ways of getting the foe underground are fsmash and dthrow. If you’re doing the former, leave a bit of extra solid ground on what’s going to eventually become the bottom of the slope (Two Ganondorfs worth), but dig the rest as you would normally. . .Then dthrow the foe on the correct side you need to dig on and quickly go underground. From here, you can make an opening far away from them and go over to where the foe is, then just dig ever so slightly to link the section they’re in with the main cave. . .Then you can activate the big bang to cave in the foe and equalize the damage percentages and gain back all that lost power/weight from utilt.

So now the foe and Golem are down to 2 stocks and Golem’s perfectly set-up. If you want, you can simply repeat the process to make the slope even more insanely steep to make things even easier on the last stock, though on the last stock suicide KOs aren’t an option due to Golem dying first. Still, Golem might want to do some more digging anyway without the intention of exploding rather then advancing immediately to the next phase of his game. If you can manage to dig an underground maze with lots of swervyness and what-not while still having some solid ground inbetween the swerves, then when the foe finally reaches you at the top of your slope you can dthrow/fsmash them underground. Of course, you’ll of placed the only way out of the cave at the bottom of the slope, and they’ll have to run through the entire godd
amn maze you’ve created to get out. While they’re busy doing that, you can set up usmash and/or spam dsmash some more, and when they do finally get out they’ll have to climb up the freaking slope again. Oh, and if you have a small portion at the top with no ground dug underneath it (So it won’t collapse when you Earthquake), you can go over there to Earthquake to hit underground foes.

The main phase you’re working to get to is camping at the top of the slope with Rock Slide/Throw and Mud Sport. The foe will be struggling to get up, especially with Sandstorm in effect, and when they finally do you can sadistically force them to repeat the whole journey with fthrow/bthrow. Did I mention that once they get close to reaching you that there’s a giant falling wall of rocks from nair coming down, forcing them to stay away or take damage to get to you? If you’ve set up an underground maze, you can of course use dthrow/fsmash to send them into it. If you want to set up a more complicated underground maze, you can also make an opening at the top and make the maze go primairily back and forth rather then up and down so the foe can roll the whole way through it with strength. When Golem reaches high percentages, he doesn’t even need to force the foe back down the slope/underground himself – he can use dair to force the foe to go underground themselves! This can be a particularly nice way to lead into a KO with rollout if you’ve set up a nice underground Rollout track with Dig. When they finally get there to smack you out, you can just fall through the ground and rollout them to force them to run from you Indiana Jones style. Aside from this, Bthrow is generally the more conservative KO option. If you get too impatient, though, you can always shock the foe by actually moving from your well fortified position by coming down the slope to meet them with Dash Attack only to cancel it into Rollout.
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