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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse

Titus watched the Unknown float around mystically. Arcy gruffed, and woofed playfully at the unknown; he panted with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Titus leaned forward and scratched behind Arcy's ears. Arcy turned his head to the side as his back right foot began to batter the ground. Titus huffed as he said,
"Aw-hah-ah, how adorable. These two would make a good friendship, but maybe later on, or at another time when it isn't so late. Or, we can come back another time and catch it, but for now, I think we should keep walking, ya know?" He kept scratching and watching the two Pokémon as he directed his speech toward Ren. Arcy woofed a plum a smoke at the Unknown as Titus turned toward Ren and said before she could respond,
"Is that okay?"
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