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Default Re: What makes a good (bad) villain?

Ah, this is a question even professional writers and directors have trouble answering. It really depends on the era! If you have noticed, depending on what is going on in the real world inspires what a person thinks is evil. For instance, in modern society, we find Health Care providers to be the spawns of Satan himself, for they rip us off. But, they did not always do that and back when, we thought something else was purely evil.

In my opinion, a truly evil villain would be a combination of a cold hearted person, that only feels anger and hate. He/she feels that they need to get revenge on society for being so cruel to them. Even though what they think that society did to them is cruel, the rest of the people (heroes, minor characters) think otherwise. But it really depends on the era and story.

A great villain wouldn't just kill his foe, no that is too fast and simple. He/she would need to make him suffer. Make him feel pain before he finally dies...
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