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Default Re: Plotting Ahead of Time

I need to "sit" on my fanfics, but I don't need to develop them. I don't need to script out every tiny detail of the story, but I do need to get a feel for the characters and for the plot. Chapter summaries bore me, but whole days spent developing just one character do not. While I am all for making stuff up as I go along or changing the plot halfway through (hello, Metal Coat), I feel that working too much on the fine points of a story is simply not as fun as merely writing it and working the small stuff out as I go along. It's a strange process, and I often end up with absurdly-defined characters and a vague ghostie of a plot. But that's how my brain works, and it's dragged me through two full-length fanfics and three or four one-shots so I'm sticking with it.

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