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Default Re: IDEA: Pokemon Ordo Journeys

I am not going to drop Ash and Misty for there my, lol, heroes! Jk Jk. I just enjoy their personalities and I'd rather use the real thing than make almost exact copies and have people hate me even more for it. Brock, sadly is too mellow and I also think that he is too old for the Pokemon Journeys nowadays. I decided to make trainer that accompanies them to have a comedic side when he is in public, but when something gets too serious, some kind of sixth sense kicks in and he is able to observe and notice things that nobody else does. This may sound like Ash, but whenever it comes down to Pokemon he has guts and a large mouth, buuuuut... not very intelligent (but good in hot situations).

The Region will not be a mixed or temperate climate. It will me much like Europe, rainy and very harsh winters. Even the culture will be much like Europe, with red shingle/tiled roofs, colorful bricks, and farmland that stretches for miles outside a major city. I like Europe and its culture (I live in Germany for peat sakes) and it has influenced me much.

Later in the story, you learn that the northern half of Ordo is overrun by Team Apocalypse. Also, much of the eastern half be slanted towards the ocean because of a huge earth quake and scientists are trying to figure out how to bind the two halves back together.

Also, well... I will leak even more to you tomorrow...

UPDATE 1.6: 2 more posts until introduction to Cameron! Can't wait, I get to have so much fun with him. I have a list of witty comments and I am ready to use them!
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