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Default Re: IDEA: Pokemon Ordo Journeys

Well, here’s the problem. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and so on really only have minor differences. I can see what you’re pointing at, but in essence, so much about them is similar. However, the real issues are these:
  • Featuring Ash and Misty. They’re not your characters. Think about it, what would be so wrong with replacing the two of them with two original characters? To me, its not worth sacrificing originality and uniqueness to incorporate two characters that as Lusanka and Giratina put it, are pretty shallow.
  • Journey Fic Typical Approach. Again, it’s the whole earn eight badges and defeat an evil team setup. No matter how you present your gyms and Team Apocalypse, it is still the same tired setup we’ve all played and seen before. No matter how different you try to make them, the scenario is still the same. You’ve got to break out of that.
  • Injection of Alternatives. Okay, so you’re adding in a new legend, changing the badge acquisition process a bit, and you have different intentions for Team Apocalypse when compared to other established teams. Still, no matter how you slice it, all you’re really doing is just injecting ideas into an already established framework dictated by the games and anime. It might add in a tiny bit of flavor to the reader, but the situation is still a lot of the same and you run the risk of having the limited appeal wear off after some time.

Now this may seem like a complete hijacking of your ideas, but just keep them in mind and you’ll see where I’m going with these.
  • Drop Ash, Misty, Richie, and all those other already-established characters. Make your own instead, and give them unique personalities. Let your characters be defined by the story, not by outside influences from the anime and games.
  • Change the Mission. Have your characters set out to do something else besides collect badges and Pokémon. Maybe instead of trying to make a name for themselves, they’re:
    • Trying to cure a nationwide disease that is affecting both Pokémon and humans.
    • Uncovering and exposing a corporate scandal by finding evidence to support a conspiracy theory.
    • Escaping the police after being wrongfully associated with an underground crime syndicate they were spying on.
    • Becoming a group of freedom fighters that are trying to liberate an oppressed people from a tyrannical government dictator.
    • Working in a rescue operation to save people and Pokémon that were caught in a savage natural disaster (fire, flood, earthquake) that left the entire region in shambles and societal chaos.
    • Trying to solve a mystery behind a recent crime that involved someone close to them, or someone major in society, such as your characters knowing exclusive details behind a presidential assassination that only they know about.
    • Or any other kind of realistic or fictional plot device that hasn’t been utilized by the games or anime. Personally, I do this all the time with my role plays and fan fictions. Seriously, dare to give it a shot, you might like what comes out of it.
  • Dramatically Change the Setting. If you’re going to stick with your Ordo region, change it so its VERY different from Kanto and all those other regions. Maybe Ordo has fallen on some hard economic times, or there is a lot of destructive religious zealotry going on. Maybe Ordo has become like modern day Iraq, and a war has constricted the region into having green, yellow, and red zone combat areas. Maybe something massively catastrophic happened in Ordo only a few years ago, like a nuclear power plant meltdown, causing many areas to be off-limits… areas that your characters may have no choice but to venture off to in order to accomplish their goals. Maybe Ordo has become an environmental disaster, where overpopulation, pollution, and crime have badly affected the surrounding areas. Tie these kinds of elements into your plot devices, and you’ll end up with a MUCH better storyline that will keep people at the edge of their seats, guessing about what’s going to happen next rather than yawning as Ash and friends collect badge #1, #2, #3, #4, and so on.
  • Change Ordo’s Geographic Climate. Besides that, change the environment. Make Ordo a very tropical region, or have the entire area be almost completely covered with snow and tundra as restless blizzards, towering mountain ranges, and other icy challenges lie before your characters. Or, Ordo could be covered with tropical rainforests and have very Brazilian-like cities that may not have the same kind of law enforcement as Johto, Kanto, and so on. Getting some surprising culture shock in there would be a nice touch as well.

Don’t limit yourself, that’s all I’m saying. The less you do it and the more potentially constructive risks you take, the more people will applaud and appreciate you for it.

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