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Default Re: IDEA: Pokemon Ordo Journeys

The land is unique in the way of culture, layout, and atmosphere as all the other regions were. Kanto gave kind of a city atmosphere, Johto gave kind of a "wow look at the enviroment", Hoenn gave a wasteland like feel, and Sinnoh was an Australia like feel (don't as me why, but I have been there and know what I am talking about.

Also, bringing these two old characters back to life, though hard and narrows what I can do, I can add on to their history, future, and ultimately their end if I want too. All characters, ranging from the Team and other characters are going to be very different.

Team Rocket - Does everything to make a buck.

Team Magma - Expand Land Mass

Team Aqua - Expand Water Mass

Team Galactic - Create Cyrus' own world

Team Apocalypse - (You will see soon enough). The history, it's ties, even it's leader will be unexpected.

As for stepping out of the show, movie, and game... well, I guess I could say that, I am designing my own Pokemon, Legendary (IT WILL NOT BE A NEW POKEMON BUT IT WILL REQUIRE A STRANGE TWIST). Even see how Jesse, James, and Meowth breathe their last goodbye to the saga.

The new character (Cameron) will also be different from the other friends that Ash had on his other journeys, personality, history, style. All or at least some of it will be original.

The cities, not the land will be unique, floating in the sky, underground river, under the sea, you name it it will be there. As for the way to obtain badges... that is unique too because there will be two ways to obtain them...I am so excited about the team! I mean, it is the darkest Ash and friends will see yet!

I would like to type a whole synopsis (PM) and you could pick out the weak points and make all the changes you want, while I will read your changes, I may or may not incorporate them into the story, it is mine after all! It would be nice if they made Pokemon action figures or Lego... yes I know that sounds really weird and boyish, but I like to animate movies, rather than write a story. But, I will give it a shot!
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