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Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
Meh, all the time I think this is getting fixed, and yet I always see it back.

What exactly is the CH table? Because sure what is in the Encyclopedia is downright contraddictory. I always was under the impression that Super Luck, Scope Lens and Focus Energy were meant to give small boosts to Ch ratio (12.5 or something), and that naturally CH moves have the 25% chance.

Now, the encyclopedia says this

I don't care if it's right or wrong. I just want to know the truth and see it fixed. It bugs me.
That CH table was just never updated. It was 25%.

Discussed it with my senior referees recently and through a voting held, we've reached a 5-3 decision on that Critical Hits should be changed to 12.5%. Basically, the reasons why 25% was selected back then during the championship incident was because we didn't want to change this formula that have been used in URPG since forever and it was to serve as a way to compensate for the lack of CHs in other moves, or so that's how I see it.

However, some of felt that it'd be better to work as closely as possible to games, in which the CHs ingame are 12.5% for high critical hit moves as well. While all moves have a natural 6.25% chance of scoring CH ingame, we are still not including that aspect into URPG for it simply ruins the gameplay currently.

In short, Critical Hits are all 12.5% now. When rolling, roll an 8-sided die. Critical Hit will occur when the number "1" is rolled. This change applies immediately.
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