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Default Re: Pyroboy74 vs Sec vs Dog of Hellsing vs Eraizaa-kun (Cute Contest)

Froslass uses Icy Wind +1

Dusknoir uses Curse +3
Dusknoir will perform last
Crowd Boos [CL=1]

Smoochum uses Sweet Kiss +2
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=2]

Togekiss uses Charm +2
Crowd Cheers+1 [CL=3]
Froslass -1
Dusknoir -1
Smoochum -4

Final Round
Togekiss +3 [60]
Froslass +0 [50]
Smoochum -1 [30]
Dusknoir +2 [70]CS
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