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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Ahlat View Post
I'm no good at CnC and I haven't made avvies/tags in a while so what I say might be totally wrong. :x But I'll try since I have no choice.

The flow is a little hard for me to tell where it's going, as sometimes I feel it's going towards the focal and sometimes away from the focal. Also the red brushes on the black part seem a little odd over there. Either it's the black part or the red part, I'm not too sure. Also I think if you add a border it may look better, but I could be wrong on thiss :P. Overall I really like the avvie and how the focal just blends in with it. I hope I didn't seem to stupid with this CnC. xD

CnC on my first banner in about 6-9 months.
I like your banner.
The back ground is nice.
I'm not too keen on the the "softness" of it.
That's just me though.

This is my first banner ever in Gimp 2.6

Second Banner!


BestBuds! :) <3

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