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Default Re: The National Park

My two cents
Originally Posted by Bumblebee16 View Post
Also I was also thinking of some things we could do to improve the park and I came up with several things, so you all can decided on what you think could work and what won't. (Some of these ideas I saw here and just decided to throw them in, not claiming them, just listing them)

1. When the Ranger rolls for the Pokemon encountered, use the Underground system. Just like you have a rare chance to find a Spiritomb or Aerodactyl, you could have a similar chance to find a Rare Pokemon in the Park.
I always followed such type of chart, but it really doesn't matter. Over the number of people entering the park, you'll always see one lucky enough to find, 2, even 3 rares and one who got none. It's the law of big numbers.

2. A character limit, since its been brought up. It doesn't have to be big, but surely should be improvised. A set of characters needed depending on the category of the Pokemon that is being captured.
As Eraizaa is telling me, 2 paragraphs just to say "hey, nice Pokemon, but I really don't like it. Moving on!" is exaggerate and won't look good on you. Of course, you can try to expand on said post by trying to interact with the wild Pokemon (isn't that supposedly what the park is about, a wilderness trip?) but there's only so much you can do without making it boring.

obviously, a minimum requirement is needed, but we just can't decide what yet.

3. A Post Quality Modifier for the Ranger. Just like we use these for the Trainers, the Rangers could very well have one. The Ranger/Official that is watching the Captrue Roll can determine the PQM depending on the way the Ranger posted which will also affect the capture roll. It may just be a hassle, but its just a suggestion.
Excuse me? I seem to be missing your point. Why should a Trainer's chances to catch a pokemon be diminished because of the person in charge of him/her? Or did I read it wrong? Because sure it looks like this.

4. Another thing I liked was rolling for a certain category depending on how well they posted. If the Ranger feels that the Trainer isn't trying, they can roll for an Uncommon/Common Pokemon to show up next.

5. Though I don't really like this one, it has run through my head several times. Perhaps cutting down the number of encounters to like 10 or something. If you're lucky, it still doesn't change anything, but just an idea.
since the beginning, I tried t advocate this to Jess, but she said it was too much work. I basically told her to have the rangers roll more Pokemon than encounters, and let them choose what to make appear based on the trainer's post quality. It however leads to bias, but honestly I thought this would be better than 15 encounters purely based on luck -.-

Again, these are just ideas so don't go posting how stupid they are, and instead, try to give another idea. That is all I can think of now, I'll be back with more soon.
Unlike most of the mods who only say "shut it down for a while and rework it", at least you give suggestions.

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
If anything, at least put a grammar requirement or standard for both Trainers and Rangers, if that isn't implemented already (I only glanced at the Park boards). Creativity is null and void if a post cannot be understood.

Most RPs have standards. You often see "show an example of how you RP" or "posts that cosists of only two paragraphs or less are not allowed", and the RPers still have a wonderful time RPing despite these "restrictions". The implementation of grammar standards, length, description, and so on in the story boards is not to restrict an author's ideas but to make sure that the author puts as much effort as they can to acquire their Pokémon. The URPG has always been about "effort = rewards" with the exception of lotteries and give-aways (which only happen a handful of times during the year). Why shouldn't the Park also implement standards to make sure RPers RP to the best of their ability?

As to what those standards should be, that's up to decide. They don't have to be a carbon-copy of the story boards. However, take note that the story boards run smoothy because of these rules and standards. Drawing ideas from there might not be such a bad idea.

- Kat
Indeed, some standards have to be there. Not much else to say here, but I thought it was in the park rules that "basic grammar" was required. To me, basic grammar means a post more or less like this, but we probably have to be clearer. Many a trainer I've seen who really dunno how to work a paragraph.

Originally Posted by Marth View Post
Just one thing. Two, actually.
I'm supposed to be an elite ranger. And an official. Yet I believe there must be a lot of discussion going right now on the moderators forum on PE2K about the park (or so I hope). I can't see this conversation, and most probably, may be DG are participating on it. Jess is gone and Eraizaa, Sam and I can't view it. I'd like to know if there is such a conversation going on at this moment in the staff board @ pe2k.
The second one..where the hell is Jess?!

EDIT: Leman, I hope the thread can be moved to BMG so Sam and I can help.
EDIT2: Bolded on your post what I agree with.
Not much going on. The same ol' stuff- blahblahblah shut it and whatnot. This thread here is more helpful, tbh. However, this is the BMG version -->

Originally Posted by AiedailEclipsed View Post
You don't quite realize what I'm getting at; I don't care why I failed. And lets drop the kiddie terms and call these things for what they are- godmodding. I would not have changed my decision had the the RP test not contained blatant godmodding. The creativity was p*ss poor. The grammar was sh*tty (albeit not quite so bad as like numerous spelling errors and punctuation errors, but along the lines of basic capitalization.) How can you expect to judge the creativity of something when you can't read it? I mean Jesus God almighty! I think that you could at least require basic capitalization and punctuation! Anyway, this isn't about me or my failed Ranger Test. Like I said, I don't care.

I'd recommend for you to shut the thing down, and seriously reevaluate alot of the park's mechanics.
woah woah, slow down. The test was indeed made to TEST you. If you can't understand as much, well I'm sorry. There was godmodding? Make the attacks fail, and point it out at the end of the post. The grammar was exceptionally bad? Make the attacks fail and point it out at the end of the post.

Seriously. Rangers are supposed to be a washed-up version of a grader, if you get what I mean. We're supposed to be helpful, and the test was designed in this light. We want to make people grow, but we aren't as formal as the story board dwellers (maybe we should be a little more formal, though) so we have to work with what we have.

Just a little example- I took a newbie trainer in the park. He met a Murkrow- he tried to attack it with both his Pokemon. I stopped him, and made both his attacks fail. He then used a move without description. I made Murkrow counter the move, and told him to describe things to have a good effect. Supposedly, were I not to have taken an untimely retirement due to school (which I should keep up, but I'll try to still be around) his efforts would've have matched a Murkrow's worth, if not more.
Originally Posted by Eraizaa-kun View Post

I would just like to point out that the Ranger Tests are being fixed. If you are an Elite Ranger and have a test that hasn't been fixed, please PM it to me ASAP. Thank you all for you time, support, ideas, and what not. = )
It's true- he asked me to change my Pachirisu Vs Armaldo (which in my opinion is fair, if the trainer going a bit overboard in bunnying to try and make a combo) and has been reworking the others to expand on the Scenario section so that the post can't be blamed for "godmodding"

Hope this helps some
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