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Originally Posted by Marth View Post
You mean the whole "bunnying" flaw, right? Yeah , you didn't fail because of that "flaw". For everyone, the flaw is that the trainer in the scenario supposedly "bunnies" what happens. However, the trainer in question never said the Zap Cannon had failed, nor that his attacks had worked. The ranger in question - you - could have perfectly continued the RP to say Zap Cannon hit, or that bullet punch failed, or that protect didn't even work. That's up to the ranger to decide, and if the ranger rules it that way. AND EVEN THEN; if major bunnying was made, as a ranger taking the test, it was your duty to change what happened in the trainers post.
Quoting the Park Rules:
Trainers Can:
"-Control things that occur around them (to an extent)". The trainer in the test never said the zap cannon hit - or missed, or that his attacks worked.

But as I said, you didn't fail because of that flaw. You've been explained by Eraizaa about that. If he didn't, tell me and I shall elaborate.
You don't quite realize what I'm getting at; I don't care why I failed. And lets drop the kiddie terms and call these things for what they are- godmodding. I would not have changed my decision had the the RP test not contained blatant godmodding. The creativity was p*ss poor. The grammar was sh*tty (albeit not quite so bad as like numerous spelling errors and punctuation errors, but along the lines of basic capitalization.) How can you expect to judge the creativity of something when you can't read it? I mean Jesus God almighty! I think that you could at least require basic capitalization and punctuation! Anyway, this isn't about me or my failed Ranger Test. Like I said, I don't care.

I'd recommend for you to shut the thing down, and seriously reevaluate alot of the park's mechanics.