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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by AiedailEclipsed View Post
Also, I'm going to point something out. I recently took the Ranger Test, and failed. Big whup right? Well, I pointed out a major flaw in the tests after failing and they are now presumably still "fixing" them. They should never have been flawed in the first place.
Want to tell anyone what this "major flaw" is? I find it kind of weird that you would just happen to notice it after you failed, and then be vague about it, and post in places where its only slightly related to the topic, as if to say "MY OPINION STILL MATTERS, RAWR." That and you've assumed that they've ignored it, which is a cool cover up when if nobody remembers it. :) Of course, if there acctually is a flaw, people need to know about it.

EDIT: Marth, DG and T-tar trainer are both seeing it.

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