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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse

Titus sighed as his shoulders drooped. He wiped the sweat off of his brow along with the stress of battle. He walked over and picked up the ball and looked at it with intensity.
"I'll call him, Chuckles, for kicks and giggles." He smiled and set the Pokeball inside one of his many pockets. He turned toward Ren as the excitement of the battle finally over and him catching the Pokémon came over Titus. He ran over to her and said,
"Where can we go now? What's next, huh?" He looked past her down the valley as his eyes lit up.
"Can we go there? Come on let's go!" He spent no time for an answer from her. He turned and whistled for Arcy.
"Let's go Arcy." The giant fire dog Pokémon leaped over to him and knelt down. Titus jumped onto Arcy, adjusted, and then patted Arcy letting him know he was ready. Arcy started to walk, but obviously slower than he could have. He waited for Ren, but subtly said 'let's get a move on.' Titus huffed in amusement at Arcy's action as they proceeded into the valley.
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