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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse


Haunter managed to let out a small chuckle before the Hyperball bounced off of him, sucking him into the bright light.

"I guess he was finally finished," Ren mused as the ball wiggled in the dirt for a few seconds before letting out a small ping, signaling the capture. She turned to Titus and smiled, happy that he had finally captured it. "Way to go!" she said, almost awkwardly, as informal speech was not something that came naturally to her, "I think you should give him a nice nickname. Something that reflects his personality."

She was about to continue when she happened to look down at her watch. "Damn! It is starting to get quite late, we should keep moving. You don't want to be here after midnight, the more nocturnal Pokemon tend to go a little bit crazy. Shall we continue?"

Wild Pokemon

Jolly M Haunter w/Levitate
7% PAR

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Titus Oceanux
Location: Meteor Valley
Area Effects: ; 13 Encounters remaining

Trainer's Pokemon

Jolly M Arcanine w/Intimidate <In battle>
EMs: Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, HP Fire, Solarbeam, Reflect, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Will-o-Wisp, Substitute, Swagger, Safeguard, Protect, Sunny Day, Morning Sun

Jolly F Togekiss w/Serene Grace <In ball>
EMs: Drain Punch, Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, T-wave
79% Safeguard (this applies to all party Pokemon)

Hardy F Crobat w/Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: None

Total Items: x2 Hyper Balls, x2 Super Balls, x3 Park balls, Pokeplayer, Intermediate disc (Absol)
Pokemon Encountered: Poochyena, Haunter
Pokemon Caught: Jolly M Haunter

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