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Default Re: The National Park

If anything, at least put a grammar requirement or standard for both Trainers and Rangers, if that isn't implemented already (I only glanced at the Park boards). Creativity is null and void if a post cannot be understood.

Most RPs have standards. You often see "show an example of how you RP" or "posts that cosists of only two paragraphs or less are not allowed", and the RPers still have a wonderful time RPing despite these "restrictions". The implementation of grammar standards, length, description, and so on in the story boards is not to restrict an author's ideas but to make sure that the author puts as much effort as they can to acquire their Pokémon. The URPG has always been about "effort = rewards" with the exception of lotteries and give-aways (which only happen a handful of times during the year). Why shouldn't the Park also implement standards to make sure RPers RP to the best of their ability?

As to what those standards should be, that's up to decide. They don't have to be a carbon-copy of the story boards. However, take note that the story boards run smoothy because of these rules and standards. Drawing ideas from there might not be such a bad idea.

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