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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Marth View Post
When I submitted my application, I was hoping to find one Porygon-Z, not three. I could not have possibly known I was getting three in that moment. Of course I used the repellant for getting a Porygon-Z - some settings allow a 50% chance you'll encounter the special Pokémon you want if you do the right investment. It was after I got the three of 'em that everyone made a big fuss about it. It was a struck of luck and nothing else, just as how Bumblebee went into the park once and had to pass through 15 pokémon to fail in encountering a Rotom - the Pokémon he wanted. It IS a matter of luck.

Yeah that is true. Going into the Park I wanted Rotom (which was back in October) and it took three park runs to actually get it. When I did get it, I don't remeber my posts being crap, not that anyone said they were, but just putting that out there because of the complaints that all of the Pokemon (that were stated earlier) were just given out.

Originally Posted by Marth View Post
I'd like to propose the following rules in order to fair things up for all of us:
-Restrict Special Pokémon to one per park run. The encounter should be made harder by the ranger, if any.
-Rearrange Special Pokémon, Rare Pokémon and beyond.
-Do not allow rangers to trade Pokémon with trainers they have roleplayed with.

I agree with all of these except the last one. I think they should be able to trade it with anyone they want. The only time it should not be allowed, in my opinion, is if someone thinks that the Pokemon caught in the park was 'given' to without much effort. Then it should be denied, but not if they worked for it.

Also I was also thinking of some things we could do to improve the park and I came up with several things, so you all can decided on what you think could work and what won't. (Some of these ideas I saw here and just decided to throw them in, not claiming them, just listing them)

1. When the Ranger rolls for the Pokemon encountered, use the Underground system. Just like you have a rare chance to find a Spiritomb or Aerodactyl, you could have a similar chance to find a Rare Pokemon in the Park.

2. A character limit, since its been brought up. It doesn't have to be big, but surely should be improvised. A set of characters needed depending on the category of the Pokemon that is being captured.

3. A Post Quality Modifier for the Ranger. Just like we use these for the Trainers, the Rangers could very well have one. The Ranger/Official that is watching the Captrue Roll can determine the PQM depending on the way the Ranger posted which will also affect the capture roll. It may just be a hassle, but its just a suggestion.

4. Another thing I liked was rolling for a certain category depending on how well they posted. If the Ranger feels that the Trainer isn't trying, they can roll for an Uncommon/Common Pokemon to show up next.

5. Though I don't really like this one, it has run through my head several times. Perhaps cutting down the number of encounters to like 10 or something. If you're lucky, it still doesn't change anything, but just an idea.

Again, these are just ideas so don't go posting how stupid they are, and instead, try to give another idea. That is all I can think of now, I'll be back with more soon.

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