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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Galleon View Post

Uh-huh. Luck. That's actually part of the whole damn problem, Marth. The fact that it is so ridiculously luck-based is complete hogwash. What's more, you saw this gaping hole and decided it was better to just take all those free P-Z's and wait for everyone to notice, rather than bring it to someone's attention, and actually, y'know, try to fix the problem. Considering that you're an Official and a Ranger, that's rather disgusting behavior.

Also, I second everything that Emma said. If the Park isn't fixed soon, I intend to make sure that it's closed until it is.
I did bring it to our head ranger's attention, Mr. Galleon =P
That's when it was decided to ban the electric repellent. I'd be more than happy to give up the remaining Porygon-Z's, if it serves as some sort of retroactive law application. I only use 'em as bait for newbies =)
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