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Default Re: The National Park

When I submitted my application, I was hoping to find one Porygon-Z, not three. I could not have possibly known I was getting three in that moment. Of course I used the repellant for getting a Porygon-Z - some settings allow a 50% chance you'll encounter the special Pokémon you want if you do the right investment. It was after I got the three of 'em that everyone made a big fuss about it. It was a struck of luck and nothing else, just as how Bumblebee went into the park once and had to pass through 15 pokémon to fail in encountering a Rotom - the Pokémon he wanted. It IS a matter of luck.

Also, when I search for ranger's wages, besides taking in mind everything the park put emphasis into, I also check for length. Short phrases mean poor effort from the ranger. We can NOT, however, put a "post" limit on a capture. That's a matter for the ranger to decide. We could, however, try a "character" limit on battle posts and one different on non-battle posts. Nothing extreme, of course, but somethin more than 2 lines per post would be better.

...I'd like to propose the following rules in order to fair things up for all of us:
-Restrict Special Pokémon to one per park run. The encounter should be made harder by the ranger, if any.
-Rearrange Special Pokémon, Rare Pokémon and beyond.
-Do not allow rangers to trade Pokémon with trainers they have roleplayed with.
By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
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