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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Eraizaa-kun View Post

Those things are important in the Stories forum, but not in the Park. In the park, if you check the rules, we look for Creativity (what new ideas can the trainer put into the battle), Practicality (how effective would this idea be), and Realism (in the anime, could that actually happen?). In fact, if the Ranger feels that you are adding too many things to your post that aren't needed just to make it look impressive, that could actually lower the park quality of your post.
Okay well I think Practicality and Realism are kind of useless things to base a post off of, because "Scyther use Wing Attack" is both what would happen (realistic) and practical when used against a burmy. So that person already has a 66% with something written in like a second

Creativity is also a very ambiguous thing to grade someone on. If a member is RPing a shy, passive character they would'nt have their Pokemon running around jumping off trees. They'd probably more inclined to describe the character's inner thoughts instead. And so describing the character's emotions in a thought out paragraph (effectively acting as though they are in the character's shoes/ Role Playing) would be less "creative" than someone who sent a sentence of, "Jump off the tree and then jump off the other tree and then send a flying kick at him and then use a Fire Punch and then Kick him in the air and then kill him."

While I understand the Park people want to be different than the story people I think those are weak grounds to be handing out high level Pokemon

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