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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Eraizaa-kun View Post

If you guys actually read the rules, you'll notice that the Park Posts' quality never mentions grammar or length. This is why a huge post that was written so perfectly that it could be printed and published can actually have better, equal, or even worse results than a post filled with grammar errors and few words.

Those things are important in the Stories forum, but not in the Park. In the park, if you check the rules, we look for Creativity (what new ideas can the trainer put into the battle), Practicality (how effective would this idea be), and Realism (in the anime, could that actually happen?). In fact, if the Ranger feels that you are adding too many things to your post that aren't needed just to make it look impressive, that could actually lower the park quality of your post.

We wanted the rules of the park to be different than the stories forum, not easier. However, without all of these rules from the stories forum restricting people's ideas, I guess people with ideas will obviously find the park to be too easy.

I hope that the posts in this thread will be full of suggestions on how to improve/fix the park, but PLEASE, don't ask for the park to become more like the stories forum.

You're right, but at the same time, I think some of them have fallen from the quality idea. Creating a character requirment would make the Rpers to come up with different and creative ways to fill up the character amount, (like if the required amount was alwasy .5k - 1k) then the quality and creativness will both be there and poeple wouldn't have any issues. And to be honest the Park is a lot easier the way it is now than the story forum.