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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Mitsuzo-kun View Post
Just to say, you must have realised when you bought your Electric-type repellent for the Power Plant that it was pretty broken, repelling all of the Electric-type Pokemon and leaving the handful of Poison-types, Mawile, and then the Porygon family. Having realised that it was broken after purchasing the Electric-type repellant, you still went through with using it in the Power Plant and then agreed with the ban after you'd grossly benefitted. Sorry, but that's not behaviour that I'd expect from an Elite Ranger or an Official. Just saying.

And I agree with the fact that the Park needs fixing. One qualm I have is the quality of the Rangers' posts in general. There are some rangers that are great, but then there are some that I feel don't make a lot of effort with their posts. To pass the Ranger test, a potential Ranger must attain a certain standard. I am of the opinion that Rangers should maintain a standard similar to what allowed them to pass the test.
Marth does alot of things for his own gain, but that's unimportant. His official/elite status shouldn't really come into general things, he, in all fairness, is just a normal person.

I think the park is broken because it's all based on luck, some people deserve better mons than others.

Hence I agree with whoever said roll for tiers based on quality of posts. However, don't make it extreme like story-writting is, because that's just unfair on people, like myself, who just can't write particularly well.