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Default Re: The National Park

I don't think we should have a character requirement in the Park (hell, I barely believe we should have a character requirement in the Story section), and instead I think we should more heavily enforce quality requirements. Of course, quality is relative, but there should be some general standard like there is in the story section (sorry for comparing Marth, it's just the only thing I have) and, if that standard isn't met, then Encounters should be done accordingly. I also think that rather than do all of the Encounters at once, thus limiting Rangers to those 15 Pokemon, they should be done as needed (i.e. when the last mon Encountered is gone). Two additional Rangers should be in agreement as to the Encounter level required for, not like we're hard to find. I honestly think that if we enforced the RPing quality requirement (and I do think grammar should be included in that requirement) then the Park wouldn't be so cheap anymore.

Also, I'd like to point out that if we really try us good writers can pump out a story for a really good mon overnight. I mean hell, most of my good mons were literally written in one night. Pending the Grader, we'll have it in a week. On the other hand, with the Park it's far more variable as half of it is done by someone else and, if you're not up to snuff on your RPing, it'll take you that much longer. In the time it took me to get my Dratini, I could have written it, gotten it Graded, evolved it to Dragonite without using it repetitively against the same opponent in 1v1s or 2v2s and crushed my enemies with it. And bear in mind, I didn't even get it right after that because I was still in the Park hunting more valuable mons. It may not require as much skill to get a mon, but it sure as hell takes a lot longer.
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