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Default Re: Coming to the URPG this Summer... ?

Originally Posted by Lord Celebi View Post
I have one more idea.

I know we've discussed betting before, but perhaps we can pull off a way to do it by having several "Exhibition Matches" between several well known URPGers (like Marth vs Haze or HKim vs Lord Celebi :P). People can watch and put money on each battler before the match, then the money would be split up evenly by the winning side.

@Khaj: I seriously want another URPG Chat again. That had to be like the third funnest thing I've done on PE2K ever. And like I said, I'd love to host it as well.
The problem with gambling in an environment like this is that most of us are friends, or at least friendly, and thus we can convince our friends to take a dive so we can get that much richer. Still, I like the idea of exhibition matches. Who wouldn't want to see extremely hyped climactic battles between epic rivals?
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