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Default The URPG Dojo League - Challenge it now!


by Xaiaku

The Dojo league is a series of 16 dojos, each consisting of a specific type of Pokémon, that will be accessible for owning and challenging ONLY for those who joined either the PE2K or the BMG URPG after April 15th. League ends in a year.

-Would you like to own a Dojo? Here's how:

1. You must own at least 1 of your Dojo Pokémon, which must be the same Type as the Dojo. {ex. Raichu for Electric is ok. Houndoom for Ghost is not.}
2. If there are multiple applications for the same dojo at one time, the best will be chosen.
3. When selecting an open Dojo, choose fully evolved Pokémon based on the Dojo type (Vermillion City is Electric so Raichu would be a choice.) You are allowed only one Pokémon that isn’t the Dojo’s type (Houndoom for Ecruteak since there aren't that many Ghost types.) These are called wild cards. IT'S UP TO THE LEAGUE ORGANIZER WHAT THEY CLASSIFY AS A WILDCARD. ONLY CERTAIN POKEMON ARE ACCEPTABLE AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T STUPID EXAMPLES: MAGMAR IN A WATER DOJO OR MISMAGIUS IN A NORMAL DOJO. You cannot have a Wild card as a RENTED Pokemon. You can only request a Wildcard if you OWN that Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon aren't allowed as Dojo Pokemon.
4. You can't use a wild card until it's approved by the LO. So even if you post it here as a change to your line-up, as long as it's not approved you can't use it. Pokemon of the dojo type can be used once you post the switch in this thread; you don't have to wait for the LO to edit it into the line up.
5. The Pokémon you choose that you don't own will be borrowed from the Dojo. You will have to buy TM’s from the Pokémart and teach them to your borrowed Dojo Pokémon. It is suggested that you own as many as the Dojo Pokémon yourself as you can.
6. If you catch a new Pokemon and want to switch it with a borrowed Dojo Pokemon, you may do so. Any TM's on the borrowed Pokemon will transfer to the replacement Pokemon of the same type. Tauros -> Tauros {TM's transfer.} Tauros -> Blisssey {TM's don't transfer.}
7. As a special bonus, Dojo Senseis who own 4 Dojo Pokémon may add up to 2 extra legal Pokémon to their Dojo Pool (rented or owned), for a total of 8 Dojo Pokémon. Dojo Senseis who own 6 Dojo Pokémon may add up to 4 legal Pokémon to their Dojo Pool (rental or owned) for a total of 10 Dojo Pokémon
8. The trainer who manages to beat all 16 gyms will be the league sensei. However, if another trainer manages to beat all 16 dojos too, he or she will be able to challenge the current sensei to a battle, and so on. Challengers that loses, including the League Sensei, must wait for a week to re-challenge.
9. Defeating the league has no value for challenging the Elite 4 whatsoever.
10. The trainer who remains the league sensei at the end of the year shall receive the tournament prize. The best gym leader shall also receive a prize.
11. The tournament prize will consist of ANY Pokémon, alongside 2 TM, 2 BM/MT/SM and one held item.
12. The gym prize will consist of one of the RENT Pokémon held as OWN, alongside 2 TM, 2 BM/MT/SM, and one held item. If all Pokémon in the dojo are OWN, any Pokémon of said dojo type shall be awarded, alongside the bonus stuff.

Rules for a League Sensei Battle
(Winner receives $4k, loser receives $3k, referee receives $4k)
  • 6 vs 6
  • Revolution
  • Holds On
  • Sleep/Freeze Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Normal Terrain/Weather
  • No Legendary Pokemon

Dojo Master - Synthesis

Normal Dojo
Leader: Feng
AIM: cooldunsparce
Belt: Pure
TM: Sleep Talk
Pokemon: Furret, Dunsparce, Togekiss, Ambipom, Porygon2, Clefable (O), Miltank, Girafarig(R)

Fire Dojo
Leader: Monbrey
AIM: monbrey
Belt: Flame
TM: Fire Blast
Pokémon: Charizard, Magmortar, Blaziken, Infernape, Camerupt, Arcanine, Houndoom (O), Ninetales (R)

Water Dojo
Leader: Kai-Mei
AIM: Dangokai
Belt: Sea
TM: Brine
Pokemon: Milotic, Kingdra, Lapras, Swampert, Empoleon, Lanturn, Dragonite, Starmie, Ludicolo (O), Slowbro (R)

Electric Dojo
Leader: Buzzer
AIM: herbalb582
Belt: Shock
TM: Thunderbolt
Pokemon: Electivire, Luxray, Jolteon, Jolteon, Raichu, Lanturn (O), Rotom-C, Rotom-F, Manectric, Electrode (R)

Grass Dojo
Leader: Gmandiddy
AIM: gmandiddy
Belt: Leaf
TM: Bullet Seed
Pokémon: Venusaur, Sceptile, Ludicolo (O), Breloom, Jumpluff, Tangrowth (R)

Ice Dojo
Leader: Roulette Dares
AIM: roulette16dares
Belt: Shimmer
TM: Ice Beam
Pokemon: Jynx, Walrein, Lapras, Glaceon, Empoleon, Mamoswine (O), Froslass, Abomasnow, Weavile, Delibird (R)

Fighting Dojo
Leader: Sir Psycho Sexy/Hide in Plain Sight
AIM: Matt5skip
Belt: Impact
TM: Bulk Up
Pokemon: Infernape, Lucario, Heracross, Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Electivire (O), Machamp, Breloom, Gallade (R)

Poison Dojo
Leader: AceTrainer14
AIM: niteethan
Belt: Acid
TM: Toxic
Pokemon: Drapion, Nidoqueen, Crobat, Nidoking, Venusaur, Skuntank, Gengar, Gliscor (O), Tentacruel (R)

Ground Dojo
Leader: Legendary Master
Belt: Terra
TM: Earthquake
Pokémon: Flygon, Garchomp, Camerupt, Torterra, Swampert, Tyranitar, Golem (O), Mamoswine, Gliscor, Rhyperior (R)

Flying Dojo
Leader: Ebail
AIM: Y2Beric
Belt: Wing
TM: Roost
Pokemon: Crobat, Honchkrow, Togekiss, Gliscor, Dragonite, Salamence, Charizard, Scizor (O), Skarmory, Aerodactyl(R)

Psychic Dojo
Leader: Magikchicken
AIM: MagikchickenURPG
Belt: Mind
TM: Calm Mind
Pokémon: Metagross, Starmie, Gallade, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Wobbuffet, Gengar (O), Claydol, Bronzong (R)

Bug Dojo
Leader: kanga
AIM: kangaoncoke
Belt: Buzz
TM: X-Scissor
Pokémon: Heracross, Armaldo, Forretress, Shuckle, Vespiqueen, Yanmega, Drapion (O), Scizor, Scyther, Wormadam Trash(R)

Rock Dojo
Leader: Banditos
AIM: Ty Albro
Belt: Geode
TM: Stealth Rock
Pokemon: Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Armaldo, Golem (O), Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Cradily, Rampardos (R)

Ghost Dojo
Leader: Evanfardreamer
AIM: evanfardreamer
Belt: Ghoul
TM: Shadow Ball
Pokemon: Mismagius, Dusknoir, Banette, Gengar (O), Froslass, Spiritomb, Rotom-H, Rotom-W

Dragon Dojo
Leader: Ash K.
AIM: MewAlcadiesMew
Belt: Aura
TM: Dragon Pulse
Pokémon: Garchomp, Charizard, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence (O), Flygon, Kingdra, Kingdra (R)

Steel Dojo
Leader: Neonsands
AIM: NeonsandsURPG
Belt: Mecha
TM: Flash Cannon
Pokémon: Forretress, Bastiodon, Empoleon, Metagross, Bronzong, Aggron (O), Lucario, Scizor, Skarmory, Steelix (R)
By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD

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