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Default The National Park

My fellow URPG’er of PE2K,

My formality may disturb you but I believe it is necessary in giving this message.

The National Park is broken.


My friends, that is exactly the point. I know this doesn’t apply to all of you as I personally know and know of a considerably large amount of EXTREMELY skilled RPers. However, this is not always the case. I have combed through logs and rules etc. and it seems like the quality of the RP itself is encouraged. However in many individual RPs I combed through, the RPers encountered and captured very rare Pokémon by normal story standards with sub par RP posts that I would go to the extent of calling unprofessional.

Oops, that word, “unprofessional…” it’s too formal. Back to myself I guess. These posts are ****. They are horrible and should not receive merit, so why are people acquiring Pokémon so easily?

I know the Park is “precious” and is new but it already needs to be reworked. It is too easily abused and corrupted. A Ranger who is monitoring the RP of a friend could easily favor his pal and skew his rolls. Who cares about that? I could just say that someone witnessed them and give my buddy his mon. I have personal suspicions of a Ranger allowing an RPer to catch a Pokémon and then, four minutes after officializing the capture, he traded for it for pennies on the dollar relative to the captured Pokémon’s value.

I’m not mentioning names but I’m sure the people I’m referring to will recognize this.

After combing through the claim thread and looking at active RPs, in the last month, a Snorlax, a Tangrowth and Tangela, two Absol, a Spiritomb, a Scyther, a Sneasel, a Porygon, two Rotom, THREE PORYGON-Z @_@, a Riolu, a Miltank, a Happiny, and a Munchlax were obtained.

Now, I know such an influx of these hard to obtain Pokémon would never occur unless all the great writers conspired to write amazing stories and Jess released a new chapter of MotM simultaneously.

I have written for a Rotom. It took me three months and after endless proofreading. I still barely caught it. I wrote for a Scyther, it took me two months. This may just be me and my lack of writing skill, but I don’t think it’s fair that all these rare things are coming in and- who am I kidding. THREE PORYGON-Z? What are the odds of that?

All of these Pokémon are ruining any prestige that I may have (foolishly) believed was in the URPG. If you wanted good, rare Pokémon, you were either a ref and paid for story deals or talented enough to write good story. I know the Park may have been brought about for those who did not have enough skill to write for high level mons, but its just too easy.

So yes, I’m jealous. Yes, I’m mad. Yes, I realize I’ll be flamed for this and a great majority of people already don’t like me. But in my opinion (doesn’t count for much), the Park needs to have a reworking of rules or possibly the odds of encountering a rare Pokémon should be greatly lowered.

I don't wanna be that guy, but I feel it's necessary. I've shared around my ideas and a lot of people agree. I want to know what the forum thinks.

tl;dr: Why should I spend time and hard work on writing for one rare Pokémon when I can throw at a few, simple, poorly written sentences for each post and get three incredibly rare Pokémon with no effort at the Park?

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