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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse

OOC: Oh you're fine :]
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Titus smiled with joy. Arcanine's damages were barley any threat at all. Titus thought quickly of a plan to end the battle.
"Alright, Arcy, gather all the strength you can muster and use your reflect attack to block those incoming attacks!" Arcy took a second to concentrate as it started to glow a bright gold and let out an enormous roar that bellowed throughout the valley. A shimmering, clear wall stood before him as Titus encored.
"Yea, you're doing it Arcy!" He fist pumped the air in satisfaction. "Now, when I throw this ball I want you to use your dragon pulse attack to slam it into the Haunter, but be careful, we don't want to do too much damage so go easy on it, can you do that?" Arcanine huffed as he nodded in agreement. Titus reached into his pocket of empty Pokeballs and threw a hyper ball out. It enlarged as it swirled in the air. Arcy took a step back as it waited for Titus command.
"Now! Dragon pulse!" Arcy lunged forward a bit as it let out a seafoam-green ball of energy that exploded out of his gaping mouth.

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