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Default Re: Trading Machine

Originally Posted by Sec View Post
This Kabuto with Surf and Waterfall (gender and such he can decide), going to Gamedude for his Tangrowth :]

Nickname: Vinny
Species: Tangrowth
OT: Gamedude
Obtained: Pokemon Park
Gender: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll/Leaf Guard
Moves: Bind, Constrict, Absorb, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore,
Sleep Powder, Slam, Growth, Vine Whip, Mega Drain, Ingrain, Tickle,
Ancietpower, Knock Off, Natural Gift, Wring Out, Power Whip, Block
TM's/HM's/MT's/BM's: None
Pokemon Battled: 0

For Sec's Kabuto ;D


Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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