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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Snover had been hit hard by the fire type attack, and wasn't really at ease. Even though it had laid an I/ngrain, it was still very weak.

Meanwhile, Snover had also started using Grasswhistle in an attempt to put Infernape to sleep. Infernape began to feel a little drowsy, but he wasn't completely asleep yet.

"Come on back quickly, Infernape," I said, recalling him into his Pokeball to protect him from the soothing but dangerous music.

"Your turn to come out, Togekiss," I said, tossing my second Pokeball into the air, and Togekiss came out again, reenergised by the healing moves it had used.

"Togekiss, I want you to use Thunder Wave to paralyze Snover and slow it down. Then go at it with an Extremespeed attack, but make sure you don't knock it out," I said.

Togekiss nodded and summoned all her strength and energy and within the blink of an eye, a small electric blue orb materialised in front of her mouth. It didn't grow much bigger and soon a very fine crisp jolt of electricity shot out from her mouth, directed with a pin point accuracy towards Snover. Though the attack wasn't powerful and strong enough to cause any damage, yet it served a very useful purpose. It would paralyze Snover and cripple it, so that it wouldn't be able to move about freely.

Meanwhile, I quickly pulled out a Super Ball from my pocket. This wasn't same as the Hyper Ball I had previously used. Instead of the golden-black bottom part of the Hyper Ball, the Super Ball had a bright blue bottom part. I pushed the small round button in the middle of the thin band that separated top half from the white bottom half, so that the ball enlarged quickly.

I didn't throw the ball yet though, as I waited for Togekiss to use her Extremespeed attack. Togekiss quickly got up, and aligned her wings in a special formation, which would allow her to accelerate to very high speeds in a very short time. She flew up straight into the air gathering momentum and high velocity, and then after a few circles in the higher atmosphere, began her deceit. Gravity and her own speed made her so fast that Togekiss would almost become invisible, and then ram into Snover unexpectedly. It was a pure powerful physical tackle, except that it was executed at very high speeds. However, this wasn't Togekiss' most powerful Extremespeed attack, as Togekiss was holding back some of its power so that Snover didn't faint.

As soon as Togekiss had began her flight downwards and was close to Snover, ready to attack it, I threw the Super Ball, targeting it straight at Snover...

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