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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium


Interesting enough, Infernape waited for at least a minute to perform Ember, a basic Fire-type attack. Perhaps it was used in being a close-ranged fighter. Meanwhile, Snover used the time to plant itself down to the ground with Ingrain. A pretty much useful move if it is used in stalling the battle but not much for a quick brawl.

As Infernape finished charging the flames in his mouth, he quickly shot the small fireballs on Snover, burning the small tree. Though the attack is basically weak, it is supposed to do a lot of damage due to Snover's typing. Meanwhile, Snover had already been playing a soothing music to try to lull Infernape to sleep. Grasshistle!


Name: Iridium

Location: Mt. Oktori

Total Items: Park Balls x1, Super Balls x3, Hyper Balls x6, Max Potions x2, Full Heal x2, Pokeplayer, Miltank Voice Disk (3 plays left), Happiny Voice Disk (2 plays left), Aura Reader, Full Restore x2, Riolu Voice Disk, Snover Voice Disk

Area effects: ???

Encounters remaining: 12

Current Wild Pokemon: Snover(?) (Snow Warning)

Battle Stats:

Snover(?) = [20%] = [Ingrain] = <Grasswhistle>
Moves used: Ingrain


Infernape(M) = [100%]
Moves used: Ember

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon: Infernape
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Grass Knot, U-Turn, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Rock Tomb, Hidden Power [Electric], Shadow Claw, Overheat, Fire Blast
BM/SM/MT: Thunderpunch, Encore, Fake Out

Pokemon: Togekiss = [70.00%] = [Paralyzed]
Nickname: -
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Gentle
TM/HM: Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Psych Up, Psychic, Grass Knot, Roost, Shock Wave, Hyper Beam, Hidden Power [Poison], Silver Wind, Attract, Light Screen, Reflect, Protect, Double Team
BM/SM/MT: Nasty Plot, Tri-Attack

Pokemon encountered: Riolu, Articuno, Snover

Pokemon captured: Riolu (M, Jolly)

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