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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Originally Posted by PureGoober View Post
A pixel over.
Haven't done any in a while.

I know the outline is all black.
Your sprite is nice, but it's lacking depth. Try adding more shades for a deeper, richer look.

Knoll Town, part of my region project that I'm working on. Knoll Town is a quiet, quaint town, home to two rivaling families; the Hong Family and The Kenji Family. The main character is an exchange student from Kanto who stays with the Hong family and befriends Lorna Kenji. When Lorna runs away, the main character chases after her throughout the game. Along the way, the main character must battle Lorna's brother, Scott, who believes the main character is the reason for Lorna's disappearance. Meanwhile, the Hong and Kenji family are constantly fighting, making them the antagonists of the game. The Hongs and Kenjis are constantly fighting in every city and every town, and are causing destruction throughout the region. Windzor Hong is the leader of the Hong Family and Tsura and Daichi Kenji are the leaders of the Kenji Family.

Plot's coming along ok. Still needs some tweaking. Anyone spot the reference?

Route 801, connects Knoll Town to Tinsel Town. Lorna walks you over to Tinsel Town, since she has Pokemon and you don't.

Tinsel Town, home of Professor Linden, the Pokemon Genious. He gives you your starter Pokemon and asks you to solve the quarrel between the two rivaling families. Then, he takes you on a walk through Route 802, showing you the ropes of battling, catching, etc.

Comments and criticism are incredibly useful. :)
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