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Talking Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

Final Update: I beat SoulSilver completely quite a while ago. A few weeks ago, I think. I'm using the Pal Park feature to get the first stage Pokemon and legendaries from the GameBoy Advance games and Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. I will then evolve them to fill up my Pokedex. My nephew has been helping me by playing HeartGold. I have been helping him also to fill his Pokedex.

It has been a very cool game, and everything I remember the original Gold and Silver to be. My only issue is with the PC storage system. You have to enter, and exit, and enter the menus to move your Pokemon around. The storage system was a lot less complicated than in previous games. Other than that, I like the game a lot. I can't wait for Black and White.
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