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Default Re: Plotting Ahead of Time

Not that I've written anything in a while, but I usually just write without knowing where I'm going. It's usually based on some form of inspiration, which could be a phrase or an idea, and then I just base everything on wanting to use that phrase/idea in the best way possible.

This is probably why I really only write one-shots. I have tried a few chapter fics but they always die out after a few chapters. After failing with my first, I had actually pretty much planned the second one out to what should happen each chapter, but I found that then I got rather bored of writing it. Maybe part of the fun of writing for me is not knowing what's going to happen until that idea pops into my head and then finding some way of incorporating that. xD

It's probably best to have a vague idea of where you want the story to go though. And I agree that planning is essential if you have a very complicated plot.
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