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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Neko-chan View Post
Your avatar looks nice, but the borders around the avatar doesn't really go well with it, but everything else's good... xD Well, rate this avatar:

I'm no good at CnC and I haven't made avvies/tags in a while so what I say might be totally wrong. :x But I'll try since I have no choice.

The flow is a little hard for me to tell where it's going, as sometimes I feel it's going towards the focal and sometimes away from the focal. Also the red brushes on the black part seem a little odd over there. Either it's the black part or the red part, I'm not too sure. Also I think if you add a border it may look better, but I could be wrong on thiss :P. Overall I really like the avvie and how the focal just blends in with it. I hope I didn't seem to stupid with this CnC. xD

CnC on my first banner in about 6-9 months.
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