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Default Re: Plotting Ahead of Time

I typically start out with a beginning and an end, with some vague idea of a middle. An idea I've been mulling over recently, though, I'm planning out more in detail, because it involves a lot of secret plotting, counterplotting, Xanatos Gambits and maybe even a Thirty Xanatos Pileup (see TV tropes if you don't know what those are, though I warn you, you may be stuck on that site for a while...).

I guess the rule of thumb is: the more complicated a plot you want to have, you more planning you should do to make sure that plot remains coherent. If you want a fairly straightforward storyline with only a few plot twists, it's pretty safe to go ahead with only a vague idea. If you want a complex web of plotlines, better get out the notepad.

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