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Default Comments On HG/SS

So i've beaten the whole game and such. I was really impressed by the way the game has been re done in a different perspective but then it has plenty of flaws..

1. The gyms are too easy (I guess everyone feels this, the gym leaders can't be compared to those in Sinnoh or Hoenn)
2. The Gyms in Kanto are useless (in a sense that they are also way easy for champions of the elite four) The kanto gyms should be opened before the elite four, that'll be a great twist
3. The pokegear call function sucks.. rematch with gym leaders and other trainers are hard to arrange
4. The story line does not have a nice twist...
5. Team Rocket sucks as ever with only rather few battles

Ther's still plenty i could list but to respect the hard works by the developers i won't list them down. However , my favourite part of the game would be the GB sounds. An interesting aspect that is new to pokemon games