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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Originally Posted by Elecii View Post

That's pretty cool, I like it.

Birthday card thing; I word: awesome. You need to change the shading on the bottom petals to dark because Spoink is coming out so Spoink would make a shadow underneath.

Ditto; The whole mouth is black, maybe add another lighter colour in? Or make the mouth pink? Other than that it looks great.

Torterra/Venasaur; I love the idea on the tree. And the whoe sprite overall, great job.

Zombies; They're great, love the Dragonite wings.

You're amaziing for only spriting five or so weeks. I love all the sprites. I only see a problem with how straight the lines are on the top of Haunter/Drifblim are, mayube you should make them more rounded.

The shading is too blocky, if you know what I mean, you need to add dithering since all the old sprites add it.

That is amazing. <3

Even though there are no spots on the body, it is still ultimatley awesome.


I counted five colours excluding black and white, that's too many colours.
Just to let you know, the RB ones had minimum-to-no-dithering.
Yellow, on the other case y'wanna get to that, it had a lot of anti-aliasing.

Dithering was pretty much "introduced," I guess you could say, in Gold/Silver/Crystal.
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