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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Originally Posted by Retro-Smasher View Post

: I decided to make a revamp because I was bored. Here it is.
I love the Ivysaur revamp! The top lip looks a little odd to me, but otherwise it's awesome. I never realised how cute that sprite was. xD

I love how creative you are with your sprites =) Your Electrode is brilliant and I think the Goldeen->Seaking evolving thing is awesome as well. xD

Originally Posted by Ninaiso View Post
Everyones sprites look really awesome!
Here is a few of mine~ I'm still fairly new (only been spriting for about 5 weeks on and off) so go easy on me. ^^;
Those revamps are really good! When I was skimming through the thread I thought that they were just crystal sprites at first glance, especially Bulbasaur and Blastoise. xD I think Arcanine probably needs to be a little more washed out. Infernape looks great! And that RB style Glaceon is amazing! ^^

I was bored xD
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