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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun

Felix smiled at the Ranger and said, "Oh, hi! My name is Felix Haru, and this is here is my partner, Nancy."

"Nyah!" responded the Delcatty, happy to have been mentioned.

Suddenly, Felix noticed they were headed straight towards a Wigglytuff. It seemed ready to sing and that sort of wrenched Felix's heart. He didn't want to listen to the song because he knew he would fall asleep and delay his trip, plus who knows what the Pokemon around here would do. Then again, he didn't want to just abandon the Wigglytuff because it seemed to delighted to have an audience. Right then, Felix had an idea. He grabbed a Pokeball and opened it letting out a Gallade.

"Alright Esteban, I'm sorry to ask this from you, but, could you use Substitute?" asked Felix as he looked towards Wigglytuff with a sad face.

Esteban quickly understood the favor and, as the group neared the Wigglytuff, Esteban focused. I was hoping he was successful. If he managed to leave a substitute sitting there to listen to Wigglytuff's song, maybe it wouldn't be sad. With luck, it might not notice it wasn't a real Pokemon. He also hoped Wigglytuff would let them pass by.
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