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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Originally Posted by Mawile_rocks View Post
Wow, I really like the Dragonite. What generation is that sprite from?
He's from... I think its Hg Ss second frame sprite, but it may be Platinum first or second frame. I don't honestly know, if neither of those, its Fire Red/Leaf Green.

@Nin: I hate it when people make me do ridiculous requests such as Voltorb and Flygon or Raticate and Vibrava. They just don't go together! Overall, nice work. I've noticed that some of the Devamps, particularly the first Glaceon one, have too many colors. You might want to fix that. Any C&CC on my sprites?

Like I said before, C&CC on my sprites is greatly appreciated.


Thanks Mw!
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