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Originally Posted by Masami View Post
Well, I reffed like a trilluion battles for you Ryan, but othertimes when you asked I said no.

I worked quite abit, but I, just like everyone else, get tired of tesious things, you gotta respect sometimes refs just don't wanna ref, jsut like gym leaders just don't wanna ref.
I think you mean they don't want to battle...? But I have to admit, there are still people out there that have challenged my gym, but I've turned them down becuase I was leaving in 20min. (which doesn't give a lot of time for a gym battle), but they might say 'okay, but if you ever see me on, IM me.' and to be honest I see some of them on sometimes, but don't IM them (not only becuase I think they should see if I'm on then IM me anyways, but) becuase I may not feel up to it.

Oh, and ramble ramble ramble, that is all. :]
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