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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Wow, I like the new thread, the old one was too big and took years for my computer to load the page xD

Here are some sprites I made recently bud didn't receive enough C&CC on in the last Showcase

: Drifloon and Drifblim retyped to water. Notice the little Goldeen in the first tank and how it evolves into a Seaking in the second, I love that.

: I got interested in Retyping Deoxys defence into all the types, so I did two a few weeks ago. I have grass and Water right now, but I'm going to redo water.

: I decided to make a revamp because I was bored. Here it is.

: Probably the most innovative and awesome thing out of the four, I call this a color shift. MY IDEA, so ask for permission before using. Also, give credit if you do use my idea, but its so hard to do I don't think anyone will want do this xD

[IMG][IMG]: What do battle scars on an Electrode look like? This is the answer!

C&CC on all of them please, and with an order of fries too xD


Thanks Mw!
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