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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Lance breathed in and out deeply to blow off the frustration that was clouding his brain like a tissue thrown down the toilet. "That thing has got spunk. I've got to find another way to weaken it without KOing the little smurf disc."

Lance then concocted another plan. "Espeon, it looks like your about to run out of clones but before that happens, I want you to sneak behind Bronzor and try another Yawn attack. The closer you can get, the better because it will fall asleep quicker." Although Lance spoke softly, Espeon had been with Lance so long that Espeon could have identified his trainer's voice in the middle of the bustling streets of Goldenrod City.

Espeon nodded it's whiskered head once again. Among the clones, I noticed one slowly crawling beneath the airborne Bronzor. It cocked its head up and spit out a bubble that had a pink color.

Still waiting to see if the Yawn would work, Lance grasped another Park Ball in he belt. He brought it to his chest, wound up and then pitched the Park Ball directly at the levitating saucer in hopes of finally succeeding in the capture of Bronzor.
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