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Default Re: Gaaaaaah.

Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
The refs around here are bugging me, lately I haven't been able to get any battles. I can't earn any money because it's impossible to become a referee, or anything else. It's just annoying when you need money. I recently restarted and I only have 2 Pokemon, how am I supposed to get into the National Park or buy new items if all the refs are being lazy?

Basically what I'm saying, is that Refs won't do battles for me, I just wanted everyone to know.
omg .__.

Referees aren't "lazy" for not reffing for you. Maybe they're just busy? Y'know, they're people too, and have lives that don't actually revolve around the URPG. When you whine like this it doesn't exactly make people want to ref for you either; you're not doing yourself any favours. Chances are, you're just unlucky, you probably just ask people at the wrong time, i.e. when they're about to start their homework, go for dinner, go to bed etc. Also, like Scourge said, school's taking up a lot of people's time right now.

It's hardly like there's some big referee conspiracy against you.
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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