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Default Coordinator Stats

OK, I realise that the contest aspect of URPG is still not very popular so this probably won't affect/be understood by many people...

I was simply wondering why is it mandatory to have a Coordinator stats in addition to your regular stats? I myself would find it much less tedious if we were allowed to just put our Berry Credits in our regular URPG Stats and then be able to put our pokemon's stats (cool, cute, beauty, etc...) under their regular stats (Pokemon name, gender, moves, etc...)

Obviously there are people who like to keep it separate so I'm not asking to abolish Coordinator Stats, I'm asking for the option to be allowed to combine them rather than taking the time to maintain two separate stats. Personally I see no problem with this but I won't be surprised when someone thinks of some reason.

K thanks for your time.

Also if having a separate coordinator stats is already optional then never mind and yay. :D
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