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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Riolu was clever, there was no doubt about it. It had cleverly used my own Thunder Wave attack me by using the move Copycat.

As Togekiss finished her Extrmespeed attack, Riolu now very close to getting knocked out, made use of its low health to launch a high power Reversal affect.

Though my Hyper Ball succeeded in capturing Riolu, it left my poor Togekiss badly weakened.

I quickly scooped up the ball, put it in my Pocket, and then rushed towards Togekiss.

"Are you all right, Togekiss?" I asked, stroking her feathers gently. She looked pretty exhausted but happy with her effort.

"Togekiss, use a Wish and then use Roost to heal yourself," I said. "You'll like it."

Togekiss nodded, and closed her eyes. Slowly, the blue and red triangular structures on her body started glowing. A Wish attack took some time to activate, so while waiting for it to complete, Togekiss circled in the air once, and then settled down on the ground.

As soon as Togekiss touched down on the ground, she seemed to heal up quite a lot immediately. She certainly looked a lot more health and relaxed, and was clearly enjoying herself. The triangles on her back still continued to glow brightly.

Leaving Togekiss to refresh and reenergize herself, I quickly removed the Riolu Disk from the Pokeplayer. I kept it back in its cover, and back in my backpack. Instead, I brought out another brand new disk, and ripped it open. I took out a White and Green Disk this time and inserted it into the Player.

Waiting a while before playing the player, I quickly looked back at Togekiss. The red-and -blue triangles on her back, which were shining brightly a second ago, stopped glowing suddenly, and a bright aura surrounded Togekiss now, restoring more of her health.

After around two minutes, when Togekiss had recovered, I recalled her into her ball, before moving further.

We were about to go forward, but before moving forward, I pressed the play button on the Pokeplayer. A different voice came out this time, entirely different from that of Riolu, Miltank or Happiny.

Snow, Snow, Snoverrr

OOC: Male Riolu please, though I already said that on AIM. And using Snover Voice Disk.

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